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Flexible, Affordable SEO Packages

Looking for affordable SEO packages? Our PAYG SEO model is designed to be as flexible and transparent as possible, ensuring you’re only paying for the services that directly contribute to your business’s online success. With The SEO Sherpa, you’re in control, with the freedom to adapt your SEO strategy as your business grows and changes. 

The SEO Sherpa - Simple SEO for Small Businesses 1

You Choose Your Package

The SEO Sherpa - Simple SEO for Small Businesses 2

You Assign the Tasks

The SEO Sherpa - Simple SEO for Small Businesses 3

I Get to Work

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We Hit Your Goals

The SEO Sherpa - Simple SEO for Small Businesses

Choose What Works for You

Our Pay As You Go (PAYG) SEO model is all about giving you the control and flexibility you need to manage your SEO effectively. You have the freedom to select from a comprehensive menu of SEO tasks, each clearly defined along with the number of hours required.

From keyword research and content creation to technical SEO audits and local optimisations, our menu covers all aspects of SEO to ensure your online presence is as strong as it can be.

This means you can tailor your package to fit your exact needs each month, allocating hours to the tasks that are most critical to your business’s online growth.

Suggested Allocations for a Hands-Off Approach

Prefer to take a more hands-off approach? No problem.

At the start of each month, I’ll send over a suggested allocation based on your business’s ongoing strategy and previous month’s performance.

This ensures that even if you’re not deeply involved in the day-to-day of your SEO, your strategy remains dynamic and responsive to your business’s evolving needs.

The SEO Sherpa - Simple and Affordable SEO For Small Businesses
The SEO Sherpa - Simple and Affordable SEO For Small Businesses.

Flexible Monthly Contracts

Say goodbye to long-term contracts that lock you in.

Our PAYG model operates on a simple, rolling monthly contract that can be upgraded, downgraded, or cancelled with just 30 days’ notice.

This flexibility means you can adjust your SEO investment based on your current business performance and goals, ensuring you’re always investing where it counts.

Carry Over Your Unused Hours

I understand that business needs can fluctuate. That’s why my 20 and 30-hour packages come with a carry-over system, allowing you to carry over up to 20% of your unused hours to the next month.

This feature ensures that you get the most out of your investment with me, providing peace of mind that your SEO budget is being used as efficiently as possible.

The SEO Sherpa - Simple and Affordable SEO For Small Businesses

PRICING TABLE Monthly Pricing

£ 150 pm

Basecamp Plan

  • 5 Hours of SEO Setup:
  • Ideal for small businesses taking their first step into SEO.
  • Essential Optimisations:
  • I concentrate on key optimisations that can have an immediate effect on your visibility
  • Flexible Support:
  • Tailored advice and quick wins to boost your online presence.
  • Cost-Effective:
  • A budget-friendly way to start your SEO journey.
£ 300 pm

Ascent Plan

  • 10 Hours of SEO Services:
  • Tailored to kickstart or refine your strategy.
  • Ideal for Small Businesses:
  • Perfect for initial exploration or targeted enhancements.
  • Focused on Growth:
  • Boosts online visibility and drives targeted traffic.
  • Low Commitment:
  • A glimpse into SEO's potential without the hefty upfront investment.
£ 570 pm

Summit Plan

  • 20 Hours of In-Depth SEO:
  • Double the support for comprehensive strategy execution.
  • Suited for Growth-Oriented Businesses:
  • Ideal for those ready to intensify their SEO efforts.
  • Enhanced Customisation:
  • More hours for a broader range of tailored SEO tasks.
  • Strategic Investment:
  • A balanced approach to steadily increase online presence.
£ 810 pm

Expedition Plan

  • 30 Hours of Advanced SEO:
  • A robust package for deep-dive strategies and optimizations.
  • For Ambitious Projects:
  • Perfect for businesses aiming for significant online growth.
  • Extensive Range of Services:
  • Covers all bases from technical SEO to content and beyond.
  • Maximised Impact:
  • Designed to deliver substantial improvements in visibility and traffic.

Ready to Start?

Interested in boosting your website’s performance? Send me a message, and let’s start a conversation about how we can achieve your SEO goals together.

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    Affordable SEO Packages FAQs

    Affordable SEO Packages are designed to offer small businesses and entrepreneurs a cost-effective way to enhance their online presence, improve search engine rankings, and attract more organic traffic. As The SEO Sherpa, I focus on providing PAYG packages that are flexible and budget-friendly, tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

    • Targeted Keyword Research: I dive deep into keyword research to find terms that your potential customers are using, ensuring your online content resonates with your target audience.
    • On-Page Optimisation: From optimising web pages to ensuring your site provides a great user experience, I cover all aspects of on-page SEO.
    • Link Building: I employ best practices in link building to enhance your site's authority and rankings in a way that's both affordable and effective for small business owners.

    My PAYG SEO packages are customisable to fit your specific needs and marketing budget. Options can include:

    • SEO Audit: A comprehensive review of your site to identify technical SEO issues and opportunities for optimisation.
    • Content Creation: From blog posts to press releases, I create quality content designed to improve your brand awareness and online visibility.
    • Local SEO Services: Tailoring strategies to boost your presence in local search results, perfect for businesses wanting to dominate the local market.

    As a solo SEO expert, I bring a personal touch to each project, offering:

    • Dedicated Attention: Unlike larger SEO agencies, you'll work directly with me, ensuring a personalised service that's hard to find elsewhere.
    • Affordability for Small Businesses: I understand the constraints of a limited budget and aim to deliver the best results without compromising quality.
    • Transparent Reporting: Monthly reports and Google Analytics insights keep you informed of your SEO campaign's progress and real results.

    Absolutely. While "cheap SEO services" might sound too good to be true, I focus on providing value through strategic SEO efforts that align with best practices and the latest SEO tools. My goal is to offer the most affordable SEO packages without sacrificing the quality or integrity of your SEO plan.

    Choosing the right SEO package depends on several factors, including your business goals, target market, and current online presence. I offer a range of different options to suit various needs, from basic on-page optimisation to comprehensive SEO strategies that include technical optimisation and content marketing. Together, we can determine the best way forward based on a detailed website audit and your specific requirements.

    No, my PAYG model means you have the flexibility to adjust your SEO services based on your changing needs and budget, without any long-term commitments. This approach ensures that small business owners can invest in SEO strategically, scaling efforts up or down as necessary.

    SEO is a long-term strategy, but many clients start seeing improvements in their search engine rankings, online visibility, and organic traffic within a few months. The key is consistent effort and adherence to SEO best practices, something I prioritise in all my affordable SEO campaigns.

    For small business owners looking to boost their digital marketing efforts without breaking the bank, my affordable SEO packages offer a viable solution to enhance your online marketplace standing.

    Let's connect and build a strong foundation for your site's SEO success.